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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Long ago, there was a site that I used to use for reference which kept track of the lowerdecks crewmen. It's gone now, but the tally at the top of the page by the end of season 7 was something like 92 crewmen Named... 50 living in obscurity!

One of the hilarious things was that the writers couldn't keep track of genders, so that twice, there's this NPC off camera crewman they talk about whose gender is variable. The website explained it away that of course these persons of exactly the same rank with exactly the same names where nudoubtedly different people, and possibly siblings and there's an out side chance that they're all twins.

Which if you count that Vorrik and Taurik are also twins... Does Janeway have a fetish for twins she made manifest when putting this crew together?
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