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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

The President... Is this who was in charge when the power went out, or did they continue having elections in Cuba every four years and obeying term limits?

Good lord, I'm only 36! Half my age plus 7 is 25!

For some reason I was thinking Charlie was 16, but the power went out 16 years ago in the pilot and the character was easily a 6 or 8 year old which could make her 25 by the end of season one, even if all the "adults" are treating her like she's a dumb 14 year old kid.

I don't find the actress attractive, but how the story is playing, I can tell that I am supposed to because everyone else thinks that she is young and hot. Middle aged men on the other hand like middle aged women because they are clever and hot. If Tracy is over thirty, it's no wonder my jail bait alarms were not triggered which force me to look in another direction entirely and pray that no one is dialling 911 to protect their children. This casting is every bit as tenuous as the original Beverly Hills 90210 which routinely had 40 year old college students funking out with Brenda and Dylan.

The President doesn't need an Army.

God says that he is in charge.


He brought the power back.

Which isn't a lie.

Which makes him a fricking messiah.


You all do remember how electricity works, I know this show does say "FUCK science" quite a lot, but the Capacitors on those nanites are not going to power everything that isn't broken forever. All the simple widgets are going to keep working for maybe hours or possibly days.

After this TRICK has dispensed with itself, man is going to have to get up off his ass and generate power himself rather than relying on magic fucking fairies.

Power plants, battery factories, and so much damn infrastructure.

The power may have come back, but it's not going to last free of charge.

Unless, the nanites will power everything forever, drawing power from nature and evenly distributing that power throughout it's mass, or sellectively to where it's needed most, and this is like fairy magic?
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