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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

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It's not entirely unlikely that Jon Hurt could be a future incarnation of The Doctor or the 12th. When The Doctor was explaining the light thingy he mentioned that it also included the days he hadn't lived yet. So it's possible that when he stepped into said light thingy to rescue Clara he saw the 12th Doctor and what he or rather would do. Also, if it were true then it would be the one possibility the fewest people are buying into.
Except that at the end of Name of the Doctor, 11 is well aware of the HurtDoctor, and what his "crimes against Humanity" are, so, he's either a past incarnation or a Future incarnation he's already interacted with that we haven't seen yet, and therefore must be explained in The Anniversary Special and/or Christmas Special. I suppose The Anniversary Special could show us The 12th Doctor going into his own past, and itneracting with 10 in a story we've never seen before, but, again, he didn't do those things in the name of The Doctor
The other problem with this (as has been discussed before) - it is his horrible secret *before* he steps in the light.
Why couldn't this just be the one horrible secret that he found out ahead of time. We know The Doctor doesn't do "spoilers" but maybe this was the one time he looked ahead when he shouldn't have.
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