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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

I keep mixing up which novels, but in the early TNG-relaunch books, either Death in Winter, Resistance or Before Dishonor, there is a contradiction where Worf meets Janeway, then later claims he never has done.

The Q's backstory in the Q-Continuum trilogy is incompatible with The Eternal Tide. Kirsten Beyer admitted in a podcast that she ignored all prior Q novels when writing hers.

Cold Equations #2: Silent Weapons references Ship of the Line, an older novel contradicted quite a bit by DTI: Watching the Clock (although I should point out, SotL has some continuity issues with TNG too)

Indistinguishable From Magic is swept under the rug by Plagues of Night and completely ignored by Cold Equations. This was by editorial decree.

I should also point out that considering the immense depth and complexity of the Trek novelverse, contradictions inevitable and understandable. The writers do an amazing job keeping things largely consistent!
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