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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
Wouldn't that also qualify as a lose-lose?
Hmm, I guess so. But what I meant was that no matter who wins, I get something I want out of it.

Borgminister wrote: View Post
Both teams are outstanding road teams, so home court advantage might be overstated...
If it were in the 22111 format, I would definitely agree with you. But from what I have seen, the 2-3-2 makes all the difference in the world (when comes to HCA).

You figure each team is good for one road win. I don't see either team losing more than one home game. That being the case, Miami has the advantage because their one road win will, at the least, ensure the series comes back to Miami for the last two games (unless Miami has been significantly overrated and they manage to lose both of the first 2).

IMO, the Spurs best chance will be if they can get a split of the first two, come home and win 2 of 3, and go back to Miami with a chance to close out in game 6. But that will still mean getting 2 on the road. If Spurs allow it to go to 7...well, how many times has the home team lost a game 7 at home in the NBA Finals?

Having those last 2 at home is what makes HCA in the Finals such an advantage. In the 22111, game 6 would be played in San Antonio.
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