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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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and Spock didn't even try to deny her logic because her competence or lack of wasn't in question there nor it was his reason for putting her on the Farragut. The reason was to avoid the appearance of favoritism, as he stated himself.
In short because she's his girlfriend he overcompensated but her argument was valid and he quickly corrected the mistake.
It's interesting that in that instance the one ruled by emotion and the one that brought their relationship in the topic was only HIM.
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the funniest bit is when in star trek into darkness Uhura is talking with the Klingons and Kirk wants to intervene but Spock is like:
if you interrupt her now, you will not only incur the wrath of the Klingons… but that of Lieutenant Uhura, as well.
he knows better
Totally!!! 100% agree!! I loved that they showed the development of the trio's friendship and closeness of Uhura with Kirk. I would also have enjoyed a domestic scene of Uhura and Spock playing some board game and Kirk dropping by because his three-some fell through (or whatever ) and just being bored out his mind by S/U until they take pity on him and invite him to play as well. Kirk's phone will go off in his pocket 3 times before Spock hears it and realizes that he's staying for them.

for the comics I suggest star trek ongoing #18 (that's the comic posted above) while for the novels you can read the Starfleet Academy novel series that also have some of their backstory. I have read them all and liked them.
Thank you so much for this link I will check it out and hopefully add to my library.
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