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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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What happened, is everyone bored with S3 already? lol

Anyway, I just watched Allegiance, and I still think it's a solid and underrated episode. It's fun watching Picard take charge of the prison cell and slowly piece everything together, and the scenes with his doppelganger are hilarious to watch (although once again I have to wonder why it takes the crew so long to figure out he's an imposter; With all they've encountered, shouldn't that always be their FIRST guess anytime someone acts a bit strange?)

And man, that bridge forcefield sure could have come in handy at other times (like, say, when the Borg beamed onboard to kidnap Picard).

It was also strange how much the Picard poker scene resembled the one from the finale, with what seemed like the same dialogue early on ("You were always welcome", etc).

And finally I gotta say, between the bright lights of the holding cell and the pulsar effects, this is an episode that just looks especially good in HD.
I've been marathoning Arrested Development so I kind of put TNG to the side. I went back to TNG last night and watched The Hunted, and was reminded on the incredible work CBS-D is doing with this series. Everything looks so clear and the planet itself was beautiful. This was really one of the more colorful episodes of the season and also one of the more underrated.

I'm surprised Fathom hasn't announced the Season 4 theatrical event yet. I'm pretty sure it's Redemption but I really hope not. I kind of want them to spotlight Season 4 instead, which was a very good season.
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