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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I know what I saw in the film: the hull breach revealed ONE typical circular Enterprise corridor. That's also what you can see through the windows to the right of the breach (note the "rectangles" on the wall). There are clearly three rows of them in both cases, as with this:

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Oh, I see them now:

WarpFactorZ, I'm pretty sure I've asked before that you not hotlink images from sites which are not yours. Images posted inline should be hosted on a website or image-sharing account which is registered to you. I've removed the image in your first post quoted above and the second (as can be seen) has been blocked from the host server end. Please don't do this again.

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WarpFactorZ is clearly getting a huge kick out of trolling all of you.
Please don't accuse anyone of trolling. He's allowed to disagree, and we're allowed to question why he considers it so important, but we're not allowed to make accusations of trolling.
Quite so. For things which need to be brought to the attention of the moderators, the button should be used:
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