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Re: Top Gear series 19

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It's still damn good. Wait till you reach the episode where they road trip from Miami to New Orleans.

Question, how many episodes were there this season? seems like the Nile special was it for BBC America. There may have been one after it, but it seemed like an incredibly short season.
From one of the posts under the link Lonemagpie provided
well, this was a disappointment.. I'm not the kind of person to spend my days ranting about stuff on the internet, but in this case I'll make an exception... It seems the show is getting shorter and shorter: 5 real episodes, 2 specials and one "Best Of"...
As far as Series 1 never being shown on BBCA, I wonder if they just don't want to pay Jason Dawes royalties.

They were doing earlier series' for a while last year & went all the way back to S2 and then that was it.
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