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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

This season finale still leaves the question of who or what caused the blackout? Initially I suspected Randall, but now I doubt it since he wasn’t knowledgeable enough to hack the Tower’s software by himself.

Some people might suspect the president in exile at Gitmo, though it seems (by turning on and off the lamp) it he appears didn’t have any power at Gitmo and wasn’t much more prepared for the blackout than anyone else.

Besides, if the president instigated the world-wide blackout, wouldn’t he have made preparations in advance like having the DOD fortify the white-house, pentagon, Air Force One, military bases and other critical government-facilities with the same type of tech that made the tower impervious to the backout?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some other yet-to-be revealed character or people that’s responsible for hacking into Aaron’s code controlling the nano-weapon that caused the blackout.

The US president in exile wants to “go home”, which I is assume is re-occupying and reestablishing the United States

I’m not sure all the general populace will greet the president from Gitmo with a warm welcome after 15-16 years, even though the rebels in the Monroe Republic use the US flag as their emblem and talk about restoring the US.

The president and US colony at Gitmo will need something better than several sailing ships seen on-screen if he wants to retake the United States. And even if the president has planes, helicopters and modern ships at his disposal, he’ll still need a large standing army of hundreds-of-thousands of soldiers since occupying and holding territory requires a lot more than just airstrikes, especially a landmass as large as the United States.

And the president better hope the radiation from the nuclear blast that destroyed Philly doesn’t reach what’s left of Washington DC.

It appears Tom Neville’s back to being a bad guy with the militia. I’m not surprised considering his alliance with Miles was uneasy to say the least. I wonder who will make it back to Monroe Republic territory first, Neville or Monroe? Even with Philly nuked, the republic still covers a lot of territory outside the philly nuclear blast area.

With Philly and Atlanta nuked, it opens the series for Texas to play a larger role, or as another poster said, like Jericho.

So, will the food-supply limited tribes of the Plains Nation in Kansas and other former plain states suddenly go back to farming now that tractors and farm machinery can power up again? Though I suspect the tribes won’t change their ways overnight, and the Plains Nation (and the rest of North American for that matter) will be sort-of-like Mad Max, with people seeking out and hoarding fuel for their now-usable cars and other vehicles.

It’s amazing they showed of the power coming back on, though I assume there are places lights didn’t suddenly flicker on since power lines and utility poles would have been damaged over the years due to the weather and other reasons.
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