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Re: John Harrison was more interesting than (SPOILER)

I have to admit I was hoping he was John Harrison, all the fan speculation from a year or so before kinda ruined it for me and the scene may have played out better for me if I had no idea before hand he was Khan until they discovered the "300 year old frozen man" in the torpedo.

To be honest make him just John Harrison and the rest of the film can be identical, make him an experiment of genetic engineering by Starfleet in the years after the Kelvin which explains his strength and his blood. The 72 (or whatever other oddly specific number) could be other test subjects that were frozen away that he wanted to save but were told were dead, an act that Kirks 'commanders' had done which he 'can not forgive'.

But in the end he was a pretty bad bad guy who if he hadnt been outsmarted (like Khan was) by Spock then he could have done some seriously bad things with that ship.
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