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Re: Game of Thrones 3.9 - "The Rains of Castamere" - Rate and discuss

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Stannis is still out there. The alliance with the Tyrells is shaky. Dany has dragons and an army. The Others (White Walkers) are coming, eventually. The Brotherhood Without Banners is still on the loose. And of course, not all the Stark bannermen pulled a Roose Bolton and switched sides. The North remembers...
Stannis lost his battle already in Season 2. So he is out of the game for now.
Dany is also out of the game, her 3 trump cards are still too young.
The Brootherhood is just a small band of bandits, they aren't really in the game.

So who is still playing the game?
A Song of Ice and Fire is not about which king will sit on the Iron Throne. It was never really about Starks versus Lannisters. The main plot of the saga is introduced right at the beginning, the prologue in both books and TV show: Winter is coming. The Others, the White Walkers, the mythological creatures of the far north, have returned after millennia. All the fighting within the Seven Kingdoms is just a sideshow to what is really coming. Will the lords of Westeros wake from the bloodbath in time to unite against the true threat?
I think that's half of it. That's the ice part, but I think the fire part is the rest. Or, maybe it's Danearys and her dragons because the dragons can probably defeat the white walkers. Sam was able to kill one with dragon glass, and the only way to make sure that someone doesn't turn into one of them when they die is the burn them. I think that's what the ultimate showdown is going to be. Dragons vs. white walkers.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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