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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

Do actual women casually hit people, that does happen a lot in tv, are there like regions where it happens all the time, or is it happening here? My IRL social interaction is mostly limited to my class and the one and another before that, all consisting almost entirely of guys, true story. No sense in "going out more" with those existing contacts, when it's just sitting/standing around hour after hour, with a) dimwits who have very little to say or do, or b) several kinds of attention-deficit, infernally loud maniacs. And who'd talk to strangers, when you have computer. Er, was there a similar role model for kids before lately, seems horrible to teach them to hit people, because there's no denying it can actually cause trouble in schools, even if they did eventually grow out of it (sooner or later..).

I have hope for an especially non-malicious female Doctor, as the first one carries a heavy message of gender politics, so she'd have to be a particularly balanced person, setting a good example to both girls and guys of various degrees of sexism or lack of empowerment. After a season of two, a few bad traits should be added, to either the same Doctor or the next (female) one, again to not set some messed up example.

If it wasn't the next one, but many years after Moffat, or Chibnall I guess had left, there shouldn't be a need to make her overtly nice, she could be just normal, as there wouldn't be other messages piling up into something terrible.

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