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Dear God that is beautifull!
True That!

<pic snip>

Not that I don't appreciate seeing those renders, but you're getting a little repetitive. At least add to some of the discussion around here rather than reposting someone else's work over and over.

(Oh, and beautiful work, MadMan! )
hi B.J.
I am Rick Carthew (1701TPA) name appears on all of the renders I have posted of "The Prime Alternative"; as I am the other half of the design-team that created the designs for this entire Prime Alternative project.

I appreciate that you were unaware of this fact, and Very Much Appreciate your, and all the other Stellar Artists on TREKBBS, for their kind words of praise about our designs enhancement, to the Great Matt Jefferies original Icon.

The 1701 Prime Alternative is a state of the art , 1/350 scale SFX Physical Model built by a former ILM veteran model builder, over the last 2 1/2 years. The Entire model was created via rapid prototyping ,using the CGI Model provided by Ricky Wallace. All hull plating maps, panel lines, saucer bands etc, all which are unique to this ship, were either created during the rapid prototyping process or laser-etched; and again created by using Ricky Wallace's CG maps.

> Were also building a 12” Studio FX model of our Prime Alternative shuttle, using all the same methods.

Again, thanks for the kind words about this project, as they are truly appreciated.

And I agree with you 100%, that MadMan’s work is truly beautiful! – he is now, over the last three years, my good friend and the only artist I wanted and pursued for this project!
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