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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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I think it is Mekenna from the Sulu issue
Interesting thought, but I don't know. She wasn't really villainous, just a hotheaded youth in need of life experience.
Just seemed like something a Red Squad person would do, join Section 31 because they like being in the exclusive clubs
Well they also sold Section 31 as some elite covert groups to Sulu in his Return of the Archons flashback. And considering bother of them were up for the Enterprise assignment they may have tried recruiting her when he apparently turned them down.

Remember Section 31 doesn't advertise themselves as some kind of villainous organization to people they just go on about how awesome they are for the federation and convince people to (surprisingly enough) go along with their shady stuff.

I also still think the JJverse Section 31 is keeping their above the law tendencies to themselves for the most part and are trying to be semi-legitimate and dumping the whole (unsustainable) secret organization thing.

This is why I don't think Marcus only mentioned their existence because he was going to kill Kirk seeing as how his description of the organization doesn't sound like something people would bat an eye at.

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Hey it's a universe where you can get the keys to the flagship of the federation as a failing cadet.
Failing? When was he failing? He was set to complete his studies a year early. He was just grounded for the whole Kobayashi Maru stunt. If anything, he exceled at the academy. According to some of the material released along side the first film, he was even instructing a combat class.
On top of this in Into Darkness it is Kirk who figures out where Khan will be next in the meeting, just by looking at some pictures, not bad!
Actually I think it was more deduction based on Khan as John Harrison mentioned to be a top Starfleet operative engaging in a one man war on Starfleet and his choice of a non critical target to hit not exactly making sense and wondering what he was really up to, plus Spock's mentioning (while he was thinking about this) how peculiar "Harrison's" choice of a non-warp capable ship to escape was which probably further added to Kirk's suspicion that "Harrison" was up to something.
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