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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

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There ARE several holes in GR. A dizzying number of them, in fact. I'm not speaking hypothetically here, I've been told by astrophysicists specifically that drawing any attention to the problems of General Relativity is an implicitly bad career move in some labs and especially in universities.
General Relativity, like Special Relativity, is extremely well-tested and understood. Eddington's experiments, modern GPS satellites...
Urban legend. GPS satellites don't account for General OR Special Relativity in their calculations -- the degree of error due to time dilation is infinitesimally small and vanishes altogether in the background of larger sources of calculation error. And even if they did, they have to periodically recalibrate their onboard clocks anyway to stay in synch with ground stations.

The basic premise of general relativity -- relativistic gravity -- is verified experimentally. But GR has other problems that are hard to account for.
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