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Re: Female Doctor Poll!

J. Allen wrote: View Post
I would be more than fine with a female Doctor!
Nice avatar.
Shazam! wrote: View Post
DalekJim wrote: View Post
Actors that have showed absolutely no ability to convincingly portray an alien, outcast scientist.
That's a fairly specific pre-requisite.
Ever heard of the concept of extrapolation.?
Kai "the spy" wrote: View Post
Apparently, you really do have to work your hate for RTD into anything.
Repetition seems to be the norm here. At least when he talks about Doctor Who, Russel T. Davies is such a relevant figure to the larger area of discussion, that referring to him is natural. There should be nothing unusual happening here. RTD's a vivid way to illustrate the poster's worldview to give vital context to the his take on whatever topic at hand; nothing unusual in that either, even the worldview is not particularly uncommon.
Shazam! wrote: View Post
In a show in which the main character has been established as being able to change EVERY CELL IN HIS BODY he could come back as a rabbit for all I care.
If the lighting got even darker, they could borrow one of David Lynch's rabbit-man costumes, for a dark mystery rabbit-man Doctor.. ..
DalekJim wrote: View Post
I think The Doctor being a paternal figure is a very key element of the show's DNA that shouldn't be changed. A female Doctor could work but there's a 99.99% chance the writers would just fuck it up so I'm not really up for it.
Yes someone in a female body can be paternal too. I'd like her to have no specifically female characterisation, just leave out any overtly blokey parts that many, but not all Doctors have. The Doctor is a personality type and it isn't overtly stereotypically male. I'd like them to show to all the little girls that them too having Doctorly traits is acceptable. And to the chauvinists. To me that looks like such a simple task, but what I'm afraid of, fucking that one up would cause massive damage... :/
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