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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

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I already have one crush on the show. Don't make me have two!

God no. Even compared to other female choices she's low down on my list. Actually lets make it official, Emma Watson is officially my last choice for the twelfth doctor. I'd rather have a whole series of Judi Dench wearing short shorts than two episodes with Emma Watson. No bloody teenage doctors please. Plus she has no interesting personality traits either. So dull and boring.

And why everyone seems to fancy her I really don't know. The really sad thing is that a lot of people in their thirties fancy her, but Emma Watson was about eleven when she started up on film, and is still about half a lot of peoples ages who desire her. Sick. I'm not even half her age, and I'm still at college.
There's something really wrong with your Math.

First, Emma Watson is 23, that's plenty old enough for people to "fancy" her.

Second, you've said you just turned 15, if you weren't even half her age, she'd have to be over 30.

You speak of folks in their 30s Fancying her, and her being only half their age (They'd have to be 46 for her to be half their age)
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