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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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Why could the Heat not have had this type of urgency from the git-go against Indiana? And I wonder what type of injections Wade got for his knees...

Should be an interesting series against San Antonio.
Probably got a synvisc injection. Lubricates the joint and feels real good according to the synvisc king, Andrew Bynum.

Spurs have a legit shot, but I still like the Heat in 6 or 7 because they have HCA. Because of the 2-3-2 format, the Heat MUST win the first two if they want to apply maximum pressure on the Spurs early. If the Heat loses one of the first two, all bets are off and the Spurs have a good chance. But does anyone see the Spurs then beating the Heat 3 times in a row, which is what would have to happen in order for the Spurs to avoid having to go back to Miami and winning a second game? I sure don't.

Having HCA in the Finals is HUGE. Heat in 6 or 7.

BTW, as a Lakers fan, this is a win-win. If the Spurs lose, they stay behind us in recent championships. If the Heat loses, LeBron stays far behid Kobe and MJ in titles with time running out for him to win 7 more rings.
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