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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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I'm just beside myself on all of the harsh criticism. I think those who slam these fan productions are not keeping an objective perspective.
Some haters just love to hate, yes there are some absolutely terrible fan films but this isnt one of them and despite anything I may not have thought were perfect I remember that they are people doing it for the love of it and not the paycheck - most of all it was alot of fun!

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Holodeck: It's fine to see them toy with it, but I'm not confident they'll make copious use due to various technical challenges. We'll see.
This is one thing I dont hope comes back, but thats me as I found most Holodeck episodes boring.

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Counselor: We know Picard had one aboard in TNG, so... why can't this incarnation of Kirk have one on board? And I don't think she'll end up relegated as just the ship's counselor or psychologist. There's plenty of possibilities. I don't see this is as a grave contrast to TOS. This is "post-TOS" so they do have liberty to do something like this. Just be thankful she's in a uniform.
I like the fact they have shown a counselor, its not like they Picards would have been the first ship to have one, even though from TNG on the next time we met one was Ezri on DS9.
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