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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

This is just a stupid conversation that is not remotely on topic. Its basically "When you're my age, you'll hate everything you've always loved and will instead be exactly like what I think people should be when they're older". So, to get away from this, I'll talk about something actually related to MoS, and no longer respond to the stupid age stuff unless it really needs a reply.

General Zod seems lame. I wasn't super impressed by Smallville's Zod (or his storyline) but he was still better than the guy in MoS, who looks like Superman (or Jor El, for that matter) should be able to take him out with both hands tied behind their back and blindfolded. The fact that he's sending garbled messages reminds me of the villain in that horrible JLA TV show pilot for some reason, although thats probably just me. Also, the action scenes in all of these clips are not impressing me. They'll probably be better than the stupid action scenes in the Nolan batman movies, but I'm not impressed by the generic (not bad, but nothing special) CGI stuff they've shown. It doesn't help that he doesn't seem to have anyone special to fight. Just an alien invasion that looks like an Avengers rip off, and probably a few stupid kryptonian fights. Atleast if they had an actual supervillain, like brainiac or Metallo, there would be something possibly interesting for him to fight.
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