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Enhanced versions and no 16:9 shots


Some years ago the enhanced version of TOS came out. I watched a few and really like it.

Using my Xbox 360 I had purchased the episode "Balance of Terror". During playback the enhancements are clearly shown in 16:9 format.

A few years ago I purchased the HD DVD version if TOS season 1. When watching those shows there are no 16:9 formats of any of the enhancements. I distinctly remember seeing other shows that had 16:9 format.

I've viewed them on Netflix and there are no 16:9 formats on those episodes as well.

Are they not available on DVD in the enhanced 16:9 format? Or are they sold in a different format other than DVD?

Also, watching "The City on the Edge..." I distinctly remember seeing a 16:9 shot of the ruins that looked really cool. Neither the DVD/HD DVD or Netfix has that shot. Was that removed?

I appreciate any info to help me out here

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