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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Season 8

8x1-New Order pt.1: With the fallout from last season Dr.Weir is in control of the Stargate and a larger International community wants in on whats located in Antarctica. The SG-1 team of course wants to go in and get Jack. Get him to the Asgards. Prometheus is on guard in orbit. The twist out of the bat is that that the remaining Gou'ald System Lords would like to talk peace after word of what the Tarrae had done to Anubis.
Carter and Teal'C are headed for the Asgard homeworld but when they drop out of warp they find themselves on the gravity edge of a blackhole. Thor shows up literally in the nick of time to save them. Appears the Asgard star has collapsed, hate when that happens. Some Replicators are also causing problems nearby of course. Turns out slo-mo trapped Replicators, now lead by betrayed SG-1 former sympathizer Fifth. He set out to torture show how evil he can be I guess. Love is screwed up ain't it. Fifth is taking the Replicators to the new Asgard world where he hopes to destroy them. Thor and Teal'c are in a no win situation and blow up the ship...seemingly taking Carter down with it.

8x2-New Order pt.2: The Gou'ald ambassadors who were talking peace are taken into custody when Dr.Weir and Co. find out an attack fleet is headed for Earth. Thor and Teal'C arrive and Thor beams O'Neill out of status and Daniel to his ship. Jack gets interfaced into the ship so he can communicate, kinda creepy. Jack wants to get the info out of his head that they need before his "mind wipe" begins. Meanwhile we find out Sam is alive, and on a farm with boyfriend Pete...or is she. It's a ruse by Fifth, who kept she and him in tact during the ship's explosion(seems to happen a lot doesn't it). Fifth is trying to discover how to love her, or be loved, by posing as Pete in a projection type state. Back on Earth one of the Gou'ald ambassadors Cammus(sp) defects having nothing to return to but shame. He offers himself up for political assylum while Yu and the others brand him a traitor.
Back with Thor and Jack, Jack has constructed a weapon that can defeat the Replicators(how would the Ancients know about them again?) then Thor wipes his mind. Replicators are saved, new Asgard homeworld saved....the end.
A pretty good opener even if it does have a convienent ending. Really, though how would the Ancient(humanity 1.0 who've ascended) have knowledge in their library banks on how to stop the Replicators? Are they not something new? Other than a nuBSG cycle explanation I got nothing.

8x3-Lockdown: The debris field left over from the destruction of Anubis and his ship is a floating hazzard to a Russian manned team on the ISS. We see as the debris gets close something transfer into the ISS. Cut to some time later and one of the Russians has been transferred to SGC as part of their cooperative efforts with the Russians. It appears the Russian has brought a virus/contagion into SGC. O'Neill locks the place down. Cut to the chase, it's not a contagion it's the disembodied essence of Anubis. Kinda in his ascended state, he has no substance. The Russian agrees to be host in order to rid Anubis of the SGC. They trick Anubis when dialing a destination and send the Russian to an ice world where he freezes up almost instantly, Anubis trapped(?) within. A decent epiosde.

8x4-Zero Hour: Plays out as a week in the life of O'Neill adjusting to being "the man" and all that entails. Mediation of conflicts, allies to meet with, off world teams, Presidential visits and of course cafeteria selections. A new liason has come to the SGC(secretly monitoring Jack for the Pres to see if he's up to the job) and his "helping" Jack out. Zero Hour refers to more accurately when the President comes. Jack deftly handles the situations as they arise but he is stressed about it and has begun to draft his resignation letter. Confessing to Hammond a number of things, such as not appreciating just how tough his job was. The President shows up and the "mole" gives a positive report. This turn of events pleases Jack and he files away the resignation letter.
I really liked this episode, saw the "mole" coming. Wasn't totally sure what exactly he would turn out to be, just knew he was the wildcard to watch that episode.

8x5-Icon: Is the episode that makes the homeworld of Jonas's Quinn look like a picnic. Those guys are locked in political posturing. However, when SG-1 shows up here they inadvertently awaken a sleep cult, that stages a coup and it leads to "nuclear war". As worse a case scenario as I can recall of late demonstrated by what happens when you go knocking on doors that have been closed.
Because of the daring of the episode it gets high marks from me.

8x6-Avatar: Teal'C locked into an AI interactive combat trainer. The program learns from you and is constantly trying to one up you. I get they couldn't unplug the machine from his neural connection cause of the damage it might cause. HOWEVER, no one, not one even suggested just disabling the mechanism that delivers the electric shock. Remove that and the medical issue of course goes does the "drama".
A pass episode I wouldn't rewatch this one again.

8x7-Affinity: Teal'C finally gets permission to have an off base apartment. Along with cover story. Turns out he lucked out and got Erica Durance as his next door neighbor. Lucky alien. I found this character piece for Teal'C to be very enjoyable. As it allowed him to stretch the character and his cover story into every day life. How he'd explain the forehead "tatoo" for example. A solid 180 degrees with back-to-back Teal'C centered episodes. This one I would rewatch again and again.

8x8-Covenant: Here we meet the Richard Branson type tycoon in this episode. A wealthy business leader with his own company, satellites and multi layered ventures. He has managed to capture proof of the Anubis attack + a little something extra via his contract with the government for blind DNA testing. He's a stickler for unadulterated truth and threatens to reveal the truth of SGC, aliens, etc if they(the gov) doesn't do it first. The guy's name is Coulson which post-MCU movies I just find interesting, before that obviously it wouldn't have had an impact at all. Through a series of events Coulson and his staff are nearly killed. He thinks it's the government. Come to find out it's likely(we don't know for certain) a number of corporate rivals. We find out here via Sam that the government is handing over some of the alien tech to think tanks, in exchange for their silence, to reverse engineer and find applicable every day uses that might benefit humanity. So these people have millions in R&D + down the road retail sales to lose if Coulson goes public. Ah, the almighty dollar strikes again as the undercurrent foe.
Coulson is later found to have some IRS troubles after an audit(feels highly familiar right about now given the real world situation). Anyway an enjoyable episode. What I wonder is if now that Coulson has been brought in on things could his company help the Asgards out by cloning more bodies. They need them. The one he did clone is mentioned to be going to an Asgard who needs it.
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