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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Whatever. I've never liked older people try to tell me I'll think like them when I'm their age. It was wrong when my parents made stupid comments when I was in elementary school about things like what I'd think of food when I was older, and it would be stupid to say that about what kind of things I like today. Some things don't change. My Dad's 55 years old, he still likes 90% of the same music and types of things he did at my age, and he definately hasn't gained an appreciation for stupid stuff like silent films. Of course I'm a much different person than he was at my age (he was not a nerd like me for the most part) but I'd say that I'll probably be similar with likes and dislikes when I'm his age. Fantasy, sci fi, superheroes have never not interested me, and I have a firm "immaturity" about stuff like that which is pretty much at my core. I love a lot of cartoons and stuff like that. Thats just me. now, maybe when I'm older I won't lose my temper whenever someone destroys a franchise I like, but the type of things I like aren't likely to shift dramatically.
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