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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I doubt I'll stop liking superhero stuff or Sci Fi when I'm in my sixties. There are a lot of old people that like stuff like that. As for the anger I feel at stuff I dislike, thats always been me. I can't predict the future, but I'm fairly unchanging when it comes to personality. As for "maturity", I've never been like most people my age. I'm a nerd who doesn't like interacting with people outside my family in real life. I don't really care about being "mature", but it has a lot of different definitions. My immaturity is much different than most people my age. When people talk about immaturity in people around my age, its usually referring to idiots who like to drive way over the speed limit/do reckless stuff, do drugs/party, and generally be a-holes, and I loathe people like that. I'm an extremely shy guy who loves to read, doesn't like interacting with people, and (to be honest) is very overweight. This is all to point out that, while I wouldn't necessarily call myself "mature", any immaturity isn't like that of your normal non nerd 22 year old, who are usually people I'd prefer to jump off a cliff and raise the general likability of humanity.
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