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Re: Best Audio Book?

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Big Finish has announced this year's subscriber free cd, and it's a whopper of a tale.

It is ONLY available to those who have a subscription to the main range that includes December 2013 (either six or 12 month sub).

The title? The Trial of the Valeyard. Starring Michael Jayston and Colin Baker.

Can. Not. Freaking. Wait!
What exactly does subscription entail? Monthly Fee, How many freebies versus fees, minimum purchase amount, is that purchase a set thing that only counts ...
It varies. The prices I'll show are based on the last time I did a subscription, so they may change (plus, exchange rates and stuff) ... Shipping is included with subs.

Six month is $112, and you get six monthly CDs. If there is a freebie/bonus released during those releases (always either November or December), you get that included, for a total of either 6 or 7 CDs, depending on schedule.

Full year is $224, and you get 12 monthly CDs. You also get the bonus release. You also get your choice of any single CD (monthly are always double CDs), for a total of 14 CDs.

All subs include downloads, with bonus files (even longer interviews than on the CDs, full scripts in PDF) and bonus download-only one-part stories at random times through the year.

A sub to the Companion Chronicles (which is ending soon) is $136 for 12, or $72 for six.

A sub to 12 of the "early years" CDs (12 continuous releases, between #1 and #50) is $160. They are CD-only, and do not include downloads. They would include the bonus CD choice.

I think that's every variation of the subs.
OK, so a subscription pays for the monthly releases of the category you subscribe to for the length of time you subscribe? you don't have to purchase a certain number of disks in that line, on top of the Subscription fee?
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