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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Kirk55555 have you ever even tried any silent movies? If not you should seriously check out Metropolis, it's a great sci-fi movie with some impressive visual effects and a good story.

I used to be like you, but then I actually tried some foreign movies and indie movies, and I now really like them. You really don't need big budget effect or big actions scenes to make a good movie. All you need is a good story, and some talented people to bring that story to life.
I don't neccessarily need big budgets or anything, i just have certain types of films I like. I just can't even consider watching a silent film. Its completely unappealing. I'd lose my mind in the first ten minutes, even if it was a type more appealing than a romance movie like The Artist.
Why? I'm assuming based on your posts here that you don't have any problems reading. I understand you thought The Artist was stupid because it was made during a time where sound available, but what's so bad about a silent movie made before sound became available?
The Artist being a silent film is stupid, to me, because its copying a style of film that was around only because they couldn't do dialog. For the movies that had to do it, I don't watch them because I don't like most really old movies. I'd say the mid sixties is about as far back as I'm willing to go with movies. There are exceptions (I did really enjoy the original Captain Marvel serial, and its from 1941, plus here are things like Loony Toons cartoons, disney movies that I saw when I was younger, and The Wizard of Oz, which I'm not a fan of but it wasn't bad and probably an older movie most people have seen) but when it comes to most movies I just don't like stuff thats too old. The style of acting and writing/stories in really old movies is just something i usually can't stand, whether its silent or not.

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All of this talk about The Artist has convinced me to finally watch it. I've been curious about it ever since I saw the reactions it go when it was in theaters, but I never got a chance. I honestly thought it was great when I heard that it was silent. I love it when people take a chance and do something different.
I'm interested to hear what you thought of it. Post your thoughts when you get the chance.

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22 years old

Thought so.
Same here. It's been painfully obvious that he's no older than 25.

Yes, because once you're older than 25, you start liking ancient forms of film (regardless of what you thought of them before), horrible superhero movies, and in general lose all of your personality and ability to get angry I didn't know becoming a zombie was a symptom of old age.
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