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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

Okay, now that I've been haunting around here for a few months, I've found much of the work here to my liking.

Here's my current top 3 favorites that I'd recommend to others. Be advised, all 3 are fairly long, involved stories, but the character development inherent to each of them is part of the draw for me.

Walter Sochack's Rust Red series is top-notch, a very different take on the Trek universe from a unique perspective.

The next two stories are set in similar time periods and locations, mainly post-Dominion War Cardassia. Both give a cold, hard look at the stark realities of peacekeeping in a land where those who've ostensibly come to help are looked upon as invaders and occupiers.

DarKush's ST: Aegis - "The Valley of Peace" : Follows a troubled captain and his crew on a mission with galactic repercussions if they fail. It's a terrific read, which flows well and has both plenty of action as well as wonderful character development. These are characters you'll want to stay in touch with in forthcoming adventures.

Rat Boy's ST: Yorktown - "Preserve, Protect, & Defend" : Tells the story of a newly minted captain given an unenviable assignment that could lead to plunging the quadrant back into war. Again, fantastic character development that sets up a series that begs for additional episodes.

And that would be my $0.02
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