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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

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Maybe so, but it seems a silly way to run a production line. If the intended purpose was just to harvest organs I doubt the clones would have been released into society in the first place. More likely you'd have a setup like The Island.
Yes IF organ production were the intended purpose.

(Try to actually pay attention to what i'm writing, sojourner, because you're only confusing yourself.)

I only offered the organ scheme as a way to defend the patent imprinted in the clones' DNA without presenting the actual clone in court, which - for the third time - is the only question I'm trying to answer. I don't know if mass producing replacement organs is the ultimate goal. Nobody will know what the ultimate goal is until the writers decide to tell us.
If the only way to defend the patent is to serendipitously get an organ into court without introducing the clone it came from you STILL end up with an unenforceable patent because your only source of further organs is illegal. It's baseless and futile.
Only if the participants in the litigation KNOW a full human clone is the source of the organ instead of just an incubator, which is the point of destroying the clone's carcass, you dumb shit.

And the best part is, now you've committed murder along with illegal cloning, adding another charge if your scheme is ever found out.
And the only way for anybody to find out is with a dead body displaying evidence of foul play, which is the second reason to destroy the clone's carcass! And agents of the company have already committed murder! Why would they be afraid to knock off a couple of dolls they already consider property?

That, BTW, is what frightened Cosima. She gets it, and it isn't hard to figure out if you stop thinking about it like an OB viewer that already knows about the clones and start thinking like a law-breaking organization hiding the fact from people who don't. The patent is there to protect every step of the cloning process. If another genetics lab uses part of that process to develop some other product, all you need is a sample of DNA created with that process to enforce your ownership in a civil court. You can lie your ass off about how you obtained that sample as long as there is no evidence to contradict you. The steps necessary to eliminate the evidence would be patently illegal, but you're already committing crimes! Why should committing more crimes phase you?

My argument isn't circular. It's just not from the persepective of a law-abiding citizen who assumes - contrary to what we've seen in the show - everybody else knows what's going on.
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