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Re: Let's get back to Roddenberry's trek

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Which was actually true of TOS as well because there really wasn't any tension between the characters there as well. Sure, Spock and McCoy occasionally got into disagreements and traded barbs with one another, but it wasn't like they hated one another.
I don't think anyone is saying the characters hated each other. I suppose you could debate whether or not the regular characters had substantive conflicts, but you can't argue that that was not the intention.
Don't know what you mean by that, but TNG really wasn't that different from TOS in that interpersonal conflicts came mostly from outside the crew.
TO: Fred Freiberger
FROM: Gene Roddenberry
DATE: May 23, 1968
SUBJECT: “Wink of an Eye” Story Outline 3/22/68 by Lee Cronin

(excerpted from a 3-page story memo)

I think also he will see that we don’t have enough inter-character relationships among our continuing people. We need conflicts, disagreements, rich personality relationship between Kirk, Spock, McCoy and others. Otherwise, our “television family group” becomes a rather uninteresting assortment of similar individuals who stand around throwing each other lines and generally agreeing with each other
I don't think Roddenberry wanted a dysfunctional crew that spent more time fighting each other than bad guys. Any disagreements the crew would have would be relevant to the story at hand rather than be something that carried from episode to episode. But I do think the only real difference between TOS and TNG on this front was how they handled their disagreements--the TOS gang tended to be more vocal with them while the TNG gang tended to internalize them. In that case, you could argue it being a difference between the attitudes of the '60s and the '80s.
Belz... wrote:
This is one of the reasons why DS9 is so good for me. There's some real tension, there, although of course it fades between the main characters as the show goes along.
It was the nature of the show to do that, IMO. The DS9 gang eventually came together as a family, whereas TOS and TNG were like that from the start.
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