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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

I didn't bother watching this last night, instead opting to read the reviews (and forum posts). AV Club gave this episode a D+. They also pretty much gave me a line-by-line recap, which saves me from having to watch this anytime soon.

I think I'm out... I don't know that I want to come back for season 2.

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Charlie looks like a 50 year old woman.

Not that 50 year olds ain't on the far edge of what I'm supposed to be into appropriately... But I'm also supposed to be feeling criminally dirty to look at an 18 year old as if she's meat, which doesn't quite follow through when the trade off for leathery crows feet is menopause, and Tracy is probably intolerably fertile.
I think she's supposed to be 31. Or at least, that's what can be gleaned from wikipedia, in which it claims she graduated high school in 2000.
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