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Re: Transwarp drive: Vengeance = Excelsior

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ST6: Survived the Chang fight with no significant damage (unlike the Enterprise). Performed well here.
How did it 'perform well'? It got shot at only once with no visible damage, and only because the studio couldn't afford to damage the Excelsior model as it had to be reused for various episodes of TNG.

The Excelsior got hit once and sat there like an oyster, until the Enterprise fired the tracking torpedo at the BoP.

In VOY:Flashbacks, the Excelsior got torpedoed by old Klingon cruisers, couldn't do nothing to fight back and barely escaped.

DS9: Outclassed by 80 years of technical innovation. Not fair to hold against the class at its debut.
That episode featured a bit of a fanwanked Excelsior class ship with retrofitted upgrades and it still nearly got wiped out by something of an oversized shuttle craft. It was only the reluctance of the Defiant crew that allowed the Lakota to live.

Also how about the various Excelsiors that blew up, got shot to peices in other DS9 battles?

So, the only instance we see the Excelsior-class at its peak, it outperforms the Constitution class. Sounds a lot like the Vengeance to me.
I think you must be seeing a different Star Trek to me then, because from the examples above and in ST3, whenever it was next to the Enterprise it broke down or just sat still.

The Vengeance from the get go was all business, the only reason why it ended up trashed because it made the universal fatal mistake of attacking the Enterprise with Kirk in command!
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