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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - SPOILERS!!!

^^ Well, if I had to find out something early, I'm glad it was Khan rather than Spock, which was a much better surprise, or the STII echo, which was a real heart-tugger as I realized what was going on (Spock, you'd better hurry!), and beautifully acted as well. Khan wasn't exactly an idea out of left field.

I do regret finding out about Pike beforehand. That happened on tumblr of all places - unexpected because the only bloggers I follow are into Kpop, lol.

All things considered, I think I came out pretty well. So we're good.

*attempting to maintain her terrifying demeanor*

But don't make me come over there. No naked spoilers outside of this thread! Warnings! Apocalypse! Dogs and cats living together! Etc.
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