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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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It definitely would have been horrible if Uhura had dropped her voice a few her hand across Spock's arm and let her fingers linger with his...but in no way was her speech to him suggestive. She strided up to him purposefully...she approached him with confidence, respect, and presented her case clearly and succinctly all of which made him take the personal (their relationship) out of the professional (His decision to assign her to the Farragut).

We all see things differently and there are plenty who do not like this relationship for a myriad of reasons---such is life.

my impression is that she knew she'd get assigned to the enterprise so when she heard "farragut" instead she knew that only one person could have changed it (and why, that had nothing to do with her abilities) and it was Spock that's why she went directly to him (the expression on her face there was priceless. She just knew it was his fault)
how she'd knew it one can ask? I'd assume that each cadet that wanted to get aboard the flagship had to gain a certain amount of credits/achievements.. I mean it's only fair that only the best cadets would get aboard the best ships and them being in the list of the "best" had to be documented by facts and not just the word of their instructors.
well, some of her achievements at the academy were pretty impressive and unique for a cadet
“Did I not receive a gold rating for xenolinguistic skills in all categories, from constructive verbalizations to click, whistle, and atmospheric manipulations of all kinds, giving the Academy first place over Kyoto and MIT at the Oxford Linguistics Invitational?”
- from Alan Dean Foster novelization of the first movie
and Spock didn't even try to deny her logic because her competence or lack of wasn't in question there nor it was his reason for putting her on the Farragut. The reason was to avoid the appearance of favoritism, as he stated himself.
In short because she's his girlfriend he overcompensated but her argument was valid and he quickly corrected the mistake.
It's interesting that in that instance the one ruled by emotion and the one that brought their relationship in the topic was only HIM.

the funniest bit is when in star trek into darkness Uhura is talking with the Klingons and Kirk wants to intervene but Spock is like:
if you interrupt her now, you will not only incur the wrath of the Klingons… but that of Lieutenant Uhura, as well.
he knows better

honestly I think that the fact he trusts her so much and she doesn't take his crap might be a huge factor in why they work as a couple.
The risk when dealing with someone like Spock is that in trying to accept him for who he's (which is good and fundamental to have a relationship of any sort with him) you might end up giving him a "free pass" after another justifying everything with "he's half vulcan" when really he's a person like anyone who can do stupid things too just because he does them not because he's vulcan or human. I think nuUhura has found this balance or at least she's trying to.

@Malaika you lovely, are always bringing the knowledge!!! Thank you so much...before you I did not know these ST comics existed...and just recently found out about Alan Dean Foster who has been writing Star Trek novels (as well as other novels) for years and years!! I hope you have time to post more links because this is exactly what I want to read the genesis of the relationship and to read the things we don't see in the movies because it's not a S/U movie..."whispering" I only wish it was
for the comics I suggest star trek ongoing #18 (that's the comic posted above) while for the novels you can read the Starfleet Academy novel series that also have some of their backstory. I have read them all and liked them.
Spock: I apologize, Captain, but the complexities of human pranks escape me.
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