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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

Why would an organization espousing the ideas of neolution just want a bunch of cloned organs anyway? It's a silly idea and has nothing to do with this show whatsoever.

The clones are clearly an experiment in fiddling with DNA and possibly engineering more than human humans. Again, Kira's wholly unrealistic (both in reality and within the show) resilience to being struck by a car is testimony to that, and she's just half of a clone as far as we know (since there hasn't been any confirmation on who her father is). The clones themselves have shown similar healing abilities, as evident in how easily Helena took having a large piece of iron shoved into her stomach and how quickly she recovered from it.

And as Guy wisely pointed out, if they were just interested in harvesting organs they wouldn't have given them a fully functional brain nor released them out into the world to see how they adapted to real life. There'd be absolutely no point in doing so.
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