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Re: Female Doctor Poll!

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How about casting someone like Jaye Davidson or Tilda Swinton, at that age where they can carry off androgynous perfectly, and have a Doctor whose gender identity can switch according to mood?
Because that is a cheap cop-out. Like exploring sexuality by having Riker get involved with an intergendered alien who is clearly an attractive female. If it is a woman Doctor it should be a proper woman Doctor. A bit of androgyny in personality and dress perhaps, but adding such a caveat to the use of a woman actor is cowardly, unnecessary and kind of insulting to whoever they cast.
Jaye Davidson is male... See The Crying Game.

Depends on how you cast it, how good the actor is, and how well the character is written. Agreed that at worst it'll go all TNG, but done well it can be interesting...
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