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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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There is plenty of room for interpretation. As others said, the standing set doesn't have to correlate to physical arrangement. I had put the S1 engine room on the starboard side whereas you and Mytran had a port side arrangement.
But by doing it your way you violated the "Thermian Directive", IMHO.

Where there is a clear cut between camera shots (e.g. "Court-Martial") one could speculate that the "in-universe" alignment could be different, but in "The Naked Time" we do see part of the Engineering Control Room from the outside and we do see the outside corridor from the inside the very next second.

I'm sure an elaborated computer analysis of the footage will reveal that the Season One studio set plan is accurate.

@ Corporal Captain

While technically there is "zero evidence" that Matt Jefferies and the producers deliberately designed the impulse engine rooms to allow room for a straight turbo lift connection between the engineering and the saucer hull, there is still a thing called "common sense" and simple logic.

And there is a noticable difference in height between the Season One and the Season Two/Three engine room that suggests these engine rooms to be different entities, add to this that Scotty was making a call to other "engine rooms" in "The Naked Time", so there is definitely more than one.

To me it looks that Mr. Joseph did not have any blueprint of the Season One Studio set, but essentially mixed the Season Two blueprint illustrated in The Making of Star Trek with the Season One (!) text information referring to the Season One Studio set blueprint and location in the saucer hull.
Which, of course, would be a simple explanation why most fans assume the engine room to be located at the center stern of the saucer.

But whatever the case - back to the original topic - regardless of location there will always be a circular corridor in front of the engine room.

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