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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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And the steampunk alien is dead.
No, he isn't -- at least, it's unclear. First Irisa said "You killed him," then Doc Yewll said he was in a coma he wouldn't recover from, but in the final scene he was awake and talking and she told the other Spirit Riders to "take care of him," suggesting that he might recover. It was very inconsistently written.

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AND it just occurred to me that Stahma coming to see Kenya about her boy's sexual education was all a distraction to lure Kenya into her confidence and bed. The woman is servicing her husband yes? And the sheriff and probably a whole lot of other important and diverse people. If Stahma is in in the business of information and power it seems she could gain a lot from this new "friend".. and Kenya thinks she's touched the heart of the lonely Stahma.
I hope you're right. Otherwise she was completely out of character here. (And so was Kenya. I can't believe the proprietress of the NeedWant would be so unfamiliar with Castithan sexual and cultural mores as to be surprised by Stahma's request, let alone to laugh in her face.)
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