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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

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- There were female captains prior to the TOS era (Erika Hernandez), soon after the TOS era (the female captain in STIV and the female captains/flag officers in the Starfleet conference in STVI), and in the alternate universe TOS era (there are at least six women present in the Daystrom conference of captains, XOs, and flag officers in STiD). Then you have Number One from The Cage. If women weren't allowed to command, it wouldn't make much sense to give them the XO position either where you're constantly filling in for the captain anyway, and would take over in the event of his death or incapacitation.

- It's such an anachronistic and sexist remark that it's best to just forget about it and not try and incorporate the gender hangups of the 60s into modern storytelling.
Well how about a woman human captain or first officer or command officer. Someone that has some lines instead of searching around in the background to see a woman. It doesn't have to be JL or some other crazy. I'm even desperate enough to ask Kirk to say something like "Captain Emily Thorton of the Potemkin - she's hot"

But in all the Star Trek series aside from one notable exception I cannot remember one series regular human women who was a captain or first officer or even command officer. Just Janeway and I might give you Yar (although technically she wasn't from Earth but was sort of human).

Uhura and Marcus look like there there to be somebody's girlfriend. I know its a movie and having them fill romantic roles kills two birds with one stone.

Sorry I'll finish off my feminist rant with:

I'd like a human female to be seen in the next movie as a captain or first officer or lead a team.
So would I. I can't tell, were you under the impression that I disagree with that? I was arguing against the idea that they should follow any outdated 60s era restrictions on showing female captains.
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