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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Yeah. I hope they don't do that. I didn't like Season 4 and actually stopped watching. But that sorta sounds like a douchey thing to do. What if Harmon really hates it? I would hope he doesn't crap on the writers, that would be douchey of him. But, I don't want to hear him try to be nice...
I have to agree, it's something that sounds interesting in theory but which would probably end up pretty bad. There are certain points in season 4 (such as the various darkest timeline bits) where he's either going to have to feign politeness or tear into the show, and both of those would be uncomfortable to listen to.

His take on Basic Human Anatomy would be nice though as that was a genuinely good episode. I would encourage anyone that jumped ship during season 4 to give that episode a watch.
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