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Re: You can have only ONE: New Star Trek or New Stargate?

Okay I will take the plunge..

Stargate. Do I feel like a tiny bit of a traitor? Yes, yes I do especially as I am super happy with NuTrek. Here are my reasons..

1. Less pressure. I can enjoy it without worrying it's going to go into some loony direction or utterly fail and require me to defend it for the next decade.

2. Rodney. Still looks totally hot. Would definitely be in it since he's apparently doing nothing else.

3. Maybe it's because I haven't been rewatching Stargate for years like Star Trek or maybe it's because there's less of it but I don't feel like it's finished yet. There is another series in there which achieves the gritty realness SG:U wanted to achieve and retains the camp of SG:1 and the Rodney of SG:A. You could even bring Rainbow back.

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