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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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The set plans reveal only the layout of the shooting sets on the soundstage, not some correlation to an overall fictional vessel.
Technically correct, but the "odd" angle of the Season One engine room set sticks out like a sore thumb which could suggest a deliberate design, especially since it makes "real life" and "in-universe" sense to enable efficient turbo lift car passage between the hulls.

Mytran did a nice visualization in this thread (post # 56).

That, blssdwlf's rendering in post #60, and many other things in that thread and referenced in it, are all very interesting.

However, there's zero evidence that any such layouts were what was specifically intended by the TOS production staff (of Jefferies, Roddenberry, et al.), and moreover there's zero evidence that there was any specific layout intended by them at all, other than that "it all fits in there somehow" (aside from the general parameters outlined in TMoST, and a few known data points such as where the bridge and hangar deck go). The "unearthing" of evidence contradicting that latter point, and of deck plans drawn before or during production in particular, would be a true revelation.
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