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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

HaventGotALife wrote: View Post
No, I would consider those shows ripoffs of All In the Family. I mean a show that pushes the creative and social boundaries.
I agree. 1990s.
I deserve this one. What I meant to say was nothing original. And look. The Wizard of Oz. Star Trek. GI Joe. Fast and the Furious. The Great Gatsby. The landscape is littered with characters that don't need to become part of our culture. They are already established and beloved.
So when presented with counter-examples that prove your rose-tinted view of the past vs. your hyperbolic view of the present is wrong, you simply shift the goalposts and say you meant something else or those don't count because it's a "ripoff" or it doesn't count because it was in the 90s (Will and Grace was mostly in the 2000s, and it's hardly the last sitcom that dealt with depicting gays, but hey, that would defeat your point, wouldn't it?).

Cheap shot. As a matter of fact, you're post is full of them. I consume fiction and choose from there whether it's intelligent or not. I have to sift through the crap too much.
Cheap shot? It was YOUR comment. I simply said speak for yourself and that I know plenty of people who consume intelligent fiction. It's continued widespread production and distribution proves there must be a market for it. Did it only begin being a cheap shot after you said it the first time? If you feel it's a cheap shot, maybe you shouldn't have said it yourself.
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