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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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eta: it was AURAL sensibility not oral
Yep, nearly one of the oldest double entendre in the book.

At the time in the movie I took it for aural as Uhura had already told Kirk in the bar (I believe) that she was studying communications and then in her bedroom she was excitedly speaking of this Romulan anomaly that she picked up from the scene with Spock and Uhura was the perfect place for the writers to have a "Tee Hee" moment seeing if we, in the audience, could demonstrate any degree of aural sensitivity as well.

It definitely would have been horrible if Uhura had dropped her voice a few her hand across Spock's arm and let her fingers linger with his...but in no way was her speech to him suggestive. She strided up to him purposefully...she approached him with confidence, respect, and presented her case clearly and succinctly all of which made him take the personal (their relationship) out of the professional (His decision to assign her to the Farragut).

We all see things differently and there are plenty who do not like this relationship for a myriad of reasons---such is life.

@Malaika you lovely, are always bringing the knowledge!!! Thank you so much...before you I did not know these ST comics existed...and just recently found out about Alan Dean Foster who has been writing Star Trek novels (as well as other novels) for years and years!! I hope you have time to post more links because this is exactly what I want to read the genesis of the relationship and to read the things we don't see in the movies because it's not a S/U movie..."whispering" I only wish it was
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