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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

@ jjabrams (<-- ironical that someone with this nick posts he/she hates the relationship when the real JJ Abrams loves it instead and they were one of his reasons for directing the first movie )

this is how S/U started dating, from the comics (that Orci oversees)

(Uhura just whoa... this is "how to ask a vulcan out for a date 101" take notes guys )
(eta: this is the first part just in case you want to see "professor Spock" in action: )

..that was one year prior the battle of vulcan
which means that including the events from the sequel these two are couple since 3 years.

and this is what Orci said about relationships aboard the ship:
"Who is to say that in a futuristic utopia-ish society, workplace romance is a no-no? Perhaps it’s fine and allowed. After all, NASA is already having to deal with the potential sexual health of astronauts as they ponder prolonged space flight. May not be unprofessional at all at Starfleet. That view may simply be a remnant of our puritanical society that Starfleet outgrew."
(though canon has already provided enough examples to support that such relationships aren't forbidden)

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Then starting to dress alike.

eta: it was AURAL sensibility not oral
Spock: I apologize, Captain, but the complexities of human pranks escape me.
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