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Re: Warp Drive in Star Trek Into Darkness - [SPOILERS]

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
It's definitely the horizontal rim thet visited, according to "By Any Other Name":
ROJAN: There is an energy barrier at the rim of your galaxy.
KIRK: Yes, I know. We've been there.
Problem there King Daniel Into Darkness is this, if you take into account the real world orientation of the Milky way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy what you're describing makes no sense.

Try this, stand up and hold your right arm straight out to your side, then drop your right hand a little over a foot and a half, now point your index finger.

Now if you're the Earth/Federation, and the center of the galaxy is directly behind you, and the closest "rim" of the galaxy is right in front of you, your finger is pointed at Andromeda.

Traveling from the general area of the Federation (as described by Picard) towards Andromeda, you will have dropped below the plain of our galaxy long before you reached the "rim." It would be the same for the Kelvin traveling from Andromeda to the area of the Federation, they wouldn't pass through the "rim."

Unless by "rim," they mean the entire outer boundary of the galaxy. Certainly nothing in WNMHGB suggests that they didn't travel up or down (relative to the plain) to reach the edge of the galaxy. And Kirk did say in BAON that they had traveled to the "rim" before.

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
The Enterprise in ... TAS visited ... the centre of the galaxy ("Magicks of Megas Tu")
And don't forget the movie TFF. But did they travel to the exact center of the Galaxy, or towards the general area of the galaxy's interior? If you were to say that you were traveling to America's center, most likely you would be referring to somewhere in the mid-west, and not specifically to the little town of Lebanon, Kansas.

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