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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The only thing that has me a bit nervous from these trailers is the amount of superspeed CG action. Even if the CG is the best it could possibly be... it still just looks fake and unnatural to see people moving around that fast (and unfortunatley reminds me a bit too much of the videogame-style CG in the Matrix movies).
One of the things that bugs me about super speed in just about everything I've seen it in is that it's never fast enough. They basically just go twice as fast with some blur lines behind them.

I want 'blink and you missed it' super speed, almost to the point of it looking like teleportation.

I once had an idea for a Flash movie that was 3 minutes long but lasted 2 hours due to seeing it from the Flash's point of view for most of it.
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