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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

The thing is that the Iscandarian Mutiny technically was successful. It was about a dozen guys from Engineering. Lead by Yabu (the Chief Engineer's chubby assistant) They kidnapped Yuki and stole a boat to get to a little island. They had basically won.

There were two things. One: Starsha said they couldn't stay there as the island was about to explode and sink into the sea. And Two: They had Yuki.

Before Kodai could even really do more than start to negotiae with then, the island blows and most of them die. Yuki manages to survive, but she's injured.

Mutiny solved by natural causes, and a rescue operation that manages to only save the hostage because everyone else is dead before they arrive.

The new version is more interesting even if it does also get solved quickly. But is it completely solved? Will the mutineers cause problems later on? I have some faith in Niimi (her heart seems to be in the right place even if her mission wasn't the same as everyone else), but none in Ito (he's a snake in the grass), and Yabu is afraid and a pessimist about the mission as it is.
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