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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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I recently watched the TNG films again, and I can say that Generations is probably "the best". Which isn't saying much because all four have severe problems. But this one at least feels like an event picture.

Both FC and INS are simply too small. Yes, FC too. As I've said often, it's essentially a bottle show and a missed opportunity to make the return of the Borg something epic (I do hope that the next Bad Robot film will use the Borg and make them interesting again). There's also narrative smallness in the character of the Borg Queen, who reduces the Borg to a bunch of zombie henchmen to an EEEEVIL seductress who cannot express herself except in double entendre and confusing hogwash disguised as mind-bending philosophy. Nah.
This! I think the first half of FC is suspenseful, entertaining stuff, and Picard's meltdown, even if out of character, is undeniably riveting acting. But when he goes down to Engineering, and we realize the Queen's big gambit is pretty much just to whine about how hard it is for a high-powered career girl to find a decent boyfriend, the whole thing deflates like a balloon making love to a porcupine.

Soran's plan is absurd and devoid of any shred of believability (much like the Genesis Device, amirite?!), but come on, he aims to blow up a friggin' solar system for an addiction fix. That's some serious s***, there.
I still feel that FC was the best film the TNG cast made (many issues aside). The only TNG character in FC who was true to character was Worf. Having Picard feel the Borg is not explainable since his implants were removed. Picard also dealt with his Borg trauma before the series ended so there would not have been a justification for his having gone Ahab. Now if the Ent-D had been destroyed by the Borg and some crew members assimilated (Beverly, Riker, or Troi), that would have been different. I also could have seen Picard try to shut down the hive and liberate the Borg.
Generations needed a major rewrite and movie grade production quality (shifting uniforms a big no-no). The only part that felt like a film was the first section with Ent-B. Having the Ent-D destroyed by a bird of prey (and using the footage from ST VI) was a let down. The biggest problem was that it was a rush job that came too soon after the series ended.
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