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Re: Morality and the Holodeck - slightly different question

Well we only saw those 3d holo cameras that capture the details below the clothes twice. Quark had one and the Doctor on Voyager had one. But that perv(played by Jeffery Combs!) wanted an accurate holo of Kira, so Quark resorted to his antics. Though why he just didn't have one of his waiters take a picture of Kira while he was talking to her is beyond me. But yeah, obtaining a holo like that should be illegal.

I always just assumed that if a created hologram is in a compromising position shall we say, the computer just... fills in the blanks with something appropriate, that may not be completely accurate. The general "public" personality and generic picture is public file... the computer provides it on asking, so taking that information and making a hologram from it doesn't strike me as wrong.

Creepy? Sure.. I'd think so too if it was me. But I just don't see anything illegal about it. Not that much different than using your imagination... just with some computer interaction.
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